Friday, May 11, 2012

trees, music, FHE and countryside

We couldn't resist taking pictures of all the trees in bloom. These are a few of them in the park in front of our apartment.

Sister Olson has been asked to lead a choir of young single adults for stake confernece, so we went to Scunthorpe on Sunday to practice with the young single adults on the South Bank. We love meeting the people. From left to right is Amanda Hatton, Brother Dean Spencer, Elder Olson, and Antony Leadenham. We met the Metcalfes who know and remember Angela Nielsen and Jay and Gayle Hansen, who served in this mission years ago.

These beautiful girls are Beth and Emily Whall from Scunthorpe who are singing in the YSA choir. They are cousins I believe.
A typical Family Home Evening. Yes, some of these are the elders, and we always eat. James is our chef. He is actually studying at the university to be a nutritionist/chef and recently lost 175 pounds! The menu is homemade pizza. Yummee!!

These are Sarah and Naomi and Vanessa is sitting. The FHE is always in our home. The kids really like coming here.

We had to get out of this city for an hour today and this is some scenery that we came across.

Yes, every once in a while we see amazing things: a horse-drawn lorrie in the middle of the city and a Woodhead bakery all in one day.

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  1. The trees in blossom and the surrounding landscape look almost as nice as the J&A Olson yard!


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