Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lots of picutre and work to share.

We are still teaching English lessons at our home. This particular time the missionaries were on hand to help us. One is a Chinese-speaking elder.

Another baptism, which we love. This is Leigh with his parents. He already looks like a missionary!

The Hull Stake sponsored a YSA dance. These are a few pictures of those who attended. Actually there wasn't much dancing, but young people drive a couple hours just to see their LDS friends.

We didn't dance much either. In fact, we didn't dance at all.

The newspaper stand where we buy our paper and have made a few friends was recently remodeled. There were free gifts, candy and face-painting for the open house.

Quite often the missionaries end up at our home for their P-Day. We were given about 50 hamburger patties, left over from the ward barbeque, so we let the elders and sisters have most of them. They cooked them in the park on little portable grills ($3.00), and then they played games.

This is a picture of the small portable barbeque grills and the missionaries when they are properly attired.

Isha came over and helped tie a quilt for Tim and Becky's wedding. We have been buying used jeans at markets or charity shops and putting them together as a gift for YSA's when they get married. This is the third quilt we have given away.

This is Tim and Becky and the quilt. When young people get married here, they are married civily in the church first and then they have a reception where everyone eats and then the wedding party travels to the temple and the couple is sealed on the same day. By law, the Queen has to be allowed to come to the wedding, thus the civil marriage.

We visited the Whitby Abbey ruins.This archaic church was bombed during WWII and then gradually deteriorated after that until only ruins are left. But it is still a breath-taking structure set on a high cliff next to the North Sea.

Does this look like it could be the train station from one of the Harry Potter films. Well it is! Or the flying car that that was in one of his films. Well it is a replica. We thought we took the steam engine that they used to film a Harry Potter movie, but we went on the wrong day, but happened on these other items of interest by accident.


Monday, September 3, 2012

We love serving with the people here

Elders Deshazer and Hunphries wanted to bring home the Atonement, so they made a plate of brownies and offered them to each investigator in the home that they were teaching. Whether they took a brownie or not, Elder Deshazer did 10 push-ups. They kept passing the plate around until he had done 130 push-ups. I think they got the point - whether we partake of the blessings of the Atonement or not, HE still suffered for our sins.

This is Elder Ball, Shaun, just baptized, Elders Humphries, and Ressler. We love baptisms!


Missionarier live from transfer to transer (every six weeks). Sister Melander, Ah Mu, Vickery, Halbleib and others left us. :-( We get attached you know.

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