Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Sunday

Elder Olson baptized Danny! He is going to be a very good member. He and Steph will get married as soon as they can. Danny already seems like a member.

 We went to Donna Nook to a wild life preserve and air force base. This is where the seals go every year to give birth. These are young calves. They only stay on the beach a few weeks before they are weaned and go back to the sea. They are born white except for this one black one. Then within 2-5 weeks change colors before they leave for the water.
Joey gave us a very important gift. It is an orginial drawing of a place in China and it implies peace and tranquility along with good chi for the future. Lina and Joey (pictured) are both non-members. We don't know what we did to deserve such respect.
At church on the Sunday before Christmas, the Hull First Ward lets the primary dress up and act out the Christmas story in the cultural hall.

Merry Christmas to All!

We got together for a Thanksgiving Feast and to say goodbye to the Shurtz at the institute in Leeds. It was a night of celebration and thankfulness. The Shurtz are are on their way back to Georgia!

Thanksgiving at the Olsons. We hosted 20 hungry missionaries! We love them.


Suki and Sunny with the help of Sister Olson, finished a levi throw for Suki. I think it's my favorite. She loved the bright colors on the back. She provided the jeans and we all helped with it.
Because of the Queen's Jubilee, she has allowed some of her treasures to rotate throughout the country. The Ferens Art Gallery got some of Leonardo Davincii's orginial drawings. This is a reconstructed flying machine after the design of Leonardo Davincii. Cool Huh?
And sometimes we see the moon! So we took a picture.

Guess who is Father Christmas? So, who knew Father Christmas has a wife?

Mittens, mittens, and more mittens. This is a service project that Sister Olson ended up finishing. Thank you Dixie! We aren't finished yet.


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