Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Halloween has come and gone, but this is a way cute picture of Elder Olson helping our Chinese kids carve a pumkin.

We love the missionaries. Sometimes they get a little crazy though! These are called onesies. Wierd huh?
Our young single adults always play games after the lesson on Monday nights. In this game everyone was asked to put a paper plate on their head and draw a scene from the scriptures. You can actually recognize a few of them.

We love the missionaries. The sisters are definitely in the minority though. Here are some way cool pictures of the sister missionaries!
We love the elders too. :-) This is at our recent Zone Conference.

We love them and then they leave us. They go to other cities and sometimes they go home. :-\


Sister Stoica is from Romania and is going home. Elder McKay is from Scotland and going home. We'll miss them.
Sister Fusco is from Brazil and is going home. Elder Rosen is from Sweden and getting transferred out. We'll miss them too.

Sister Hillgaard is from Denmark and is going home. :-(

This is what missionaries do while waiting for the transfer bus!

Fall...Snow...Weather is changing

It's getting colder, but we got a few pictures of leaves before falling off the trees.

It snowed!  On our P-Day we went to Hadrian's Wall, which was built almost 2000 years ago during the Roman Empire to protect England from invaders. Only remnants remain as you can see. We about froze because we weren't prepared for the cold wind. It started snowing on the way home.

The O'Neills asked us to escort them through the temple and we were honored. They have been re-activated after many years of inactivity. The Preston Temple is technically out of our mission, but President Lindley gave us permission to take the O'Neills. They are our special friends and Brother O'Neill has a Mormon Ad called Rescued by Christ. You can find it on YouTube. Check it out.

The temple grounds are beautiful, even in the fall.

When we got up, I looked out the window and saw what I thought were feathers on the grass, but it was snow, so I took a picture. Thankfully it melted by noon.

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