Thursday, March 28, 2013


These two missionaries are Elders Ressler and Elder DeShazer and they come to our home every Saturday to Skype Poland as they are the only Polish-speaking missionaries in England. The APs in Poland do language study with them every week. This picutre is very typical. They have been with each other for one year and have NOT been transferred. They claim to be our sons.

The Chinese Group is growing. Jason and Joey are the first two Chinese converts to be baptized. Elder Olson baptized both of them! They are doing so well. Pictured is Jason.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Happy March

The Chinese New Year was February 10 and is different every year, determined by the phases of the moon. The Hull First Ward had a fantastic party. We ate Chinese food, played games, sang a Chinese song, watched fireworks, and launched some Chinese lanterns. Here are a few pictures. Sister Olson was born in the year of the rat, which is a very good year. Elder Olson can't seem to remember in what year he was born. This year is the year of the snake.

The elders were inside the dragon dancing around.

We went to the city centre and watched the snake dance through St. Stevens shopping centre in celebration of the Chinese New Year. William and Suki and other friends were there also.

These Brits look to bake and decorate cakes. Sister Sanderson invited me over to her home and showed me how to bake for our gluten free elder and how to decorate. The YSAs were elated as they were the recipients of the yummee treats.

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