Thursday, March 28, 2013


These two missionaries are Elders Ressler and Elder DeShazer and they come to our home every Saturday to Skype Poland as they are the only Polish-speaking missionaries in England. The APs in Poland do language study with them every week. This picutre is very typical. They have been with each other for one year and have NOT been transferred. They claim to be our sons.

The Chinese Group is growing. Jason and Joey are the first two Chinese converts to be baptized. Elder Olson baptized both of them! They are doing so well. Pictured is Jason.


  1. TO Elder and Sister Olsen, It looks like you two are having so much fun and doing so well and loving it. You two are awesome people. Just wanted to say Hi and hope all is well with you both. Also Anna Beth I hope you have a fantastic birthday on April 2nd. My Justin shares your birthday. He is turning 17 Can you believe it? Well Danny and Nicky had a baby boy in Dec. He is so dang cute and fun. Andreas kids are growing also and lots of fun. Well It won't be much longer before we see you again. Enjoy and love you. Tammy C

  2. Happy birthday! I'm so glad you get to have an experience like this! I selfishly hope you come home before Jake and I are sealed. We are still waiting for my cancellation. Jake went through for his first time the first Saturday of march, it was pretty amazing. Any way I hope you are both doing well. Love you guys! Love Jake and Katie


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