Sunday, May 20, 2012

The O'Neils

We arrived in the Hull Stake on a Sunday. On the following Tuesday we attended a District Development meeting at the Hull Second Ward chapel. Brother O'Neil was the very first member we met, or as we might say, "The O'Neils are the first people we met off the boat". He had the Driver's Code and video in hand to give to Elder Olson. These are the books to study in order to pass the driver's test in the UK. Brother O'Neil also gives driving lessons. He presently cleans the church. His wife, Linda, is my UK "sister", and teaches school. We see both Linda or George at every meeting we attend and are always greeted warmly with a hug and a kiss. They have been very sensitive to our needs whether it's driving advice or travel information, as well as information only an UK citizen would know. Vanessa, their daughter, comes to all the YSA activities and is brought by either her mom or dad. We love the O'Neils and have eaten at their home, met their dog and their injured birds. Please visit a recent video made about their conversion story on YouTube. It is called "Rescuing Others". This is the O'Neils and England at it's best!

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  1. Loved the video! Love seeing you so happy serving the Lord!--Love you! Linda


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