Sunday, May 20, 2012

this last week

This week has been way busy. Today is Sunday and we had stake conference. Elder and Sister Boon from the Netherlands were visiting. He is the area seventy and is a very humble man. We had a feast! I will share two highlights, well maybe three.
Tender Mercy - The young single adult choir sang at the Saturday session of conference. I was blessed to be able to lead that choir. We have been prracticing for a while, and it hasn't really gone all that well. But I knew that if we did everything we could to make a success, that the Lord would make up the difference, which is what happened. When we sang, there were two non-members, some who sang were there for the first time, and some of the people who had practiced were not there. But angels were there helping and it turned ou very goodt. Dixon, a Chinese student who lives in Scunthorpe, about 50 miles away, played the organ and piano. Elder Olson let one brother use his tie as he was the only male without one. They congregated at our home afterward in celebration!
Tender Mercy - The elders brought Rose, a non-member, and sat her down by me and then they sat elsewhere. Rose and I were both touched by the Spirit and it was a blessing that I brought lots of tissues as we both needed them. She is now very excited to be baptized in a couple of weeks.
Tender Mercy - Alex Rouse, who is studying to be a doctor and is in the final stages of finals, etc. asked Elder Olson and Elder Boon, visiting authority, to give him a blessing. He is a great young man.


We had zone conference in Harrogate this week, which is about 100 miles away. It was an all day affair, but well worth it. The next day we traveled with the young single adults to the Preston Temple. Cherry is going back to China and has never been to the temple and Victor is going back to his homeland of Nigeria, so Brother Wileman thought it appropriate to schedule a temple trip to do baptisms. There were 17 of us in a van, and we were grateful to be able to go as chaperones as it is out of our mission boundaries. We ate at the Pizza Hut!
We also hosted P-Day for the 16 missionaries in our area on Monday. James, a young single adult who is studying to be a chef, orchestrated the meal with help from Elder and Sister Olson. The same day was Family Home Evening, so we let the YSAs eat the leftovers. It was definately a day of service, but a blessing.
When we walk early in the mornings we see a Chinese man feeding the pigeons. He doesn't speak English, but he waves and bows to us as we see one another quite often. The pigeons land of his hands all over and around him as he feeds them. Sometimes he gives us bread to feed them as well.


Temple trip




Our morning walks


Elder Olson unlocking church gate.

Sister Olson and Dixon

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