Tuesday, May 1, 2012

the Bishop

This is Elder Olson with Bishop and Sister Skelton. The Skeltons have served at least three missions, including one as a mission president. They are great people!

We sometimes travel out away from the city looking for young people whom the Bishops think may be interested in coming back to church. This scenery is rather typical of what we see on such an outing.

More picutres of the countryside.

This is the train station and a plaque commemorating the passage of emmigrants from Europe to Liverpool on their way to the United States, many of whom were Mormons on their way to Salt Lake City. One of the members here told us that it was there. We also let Sunny and Suki (Chinese) take us on the bus to the same Interchange, so that we can begin riding the bus. Wahoo! No more parking tickets.

More train pictures. We couldn't help but think about Harry Potter trying to find the 9 3/4 platform. The buses remind us of those crazy buses on Harry Potter too, and there are places in the city which reminds us of that Sherlock Holmes movie.

This week was transfer week. Elder Parham and Sister Savage went home.  
Elder Gee and Elder McCoy went home.

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