Sunday, April 1, 2012

It's April!

This week we had our first FHE at our flat. Most of the kids are on Easter break so we only had five, but it's a start. We also went to Hornsea for lunch, about 15-20 miles from here, after our district development meeting. We ate our first fish and chips by the sea shore. Yummee! We also taught two English lessons: one to Suki and Sunny (member and non-member) from China and the other to Alice (non-member) from the Congo. She speaks Swahili. We have been trying to visit YSAs from a poor list which was generated by cross-referencing two or three lists, but today we got about 25 names of possible young people that we should visit and activate from the stake president! Wahoo!! We are excited to finally have "The List". We met with the stake presidency this week, and they were very cooperative.
We were looking forward to institute which is taught once a week, when we got a call from the teacher about three hours before class asking us to teach the lesson as he was very sick. Ever heard of Nehemiah from the Old Testament? Needless to say it was a short lesson as we did not have enough time to properly prepare.
We have been looking forward to General Conference!! I guess we are either "hungry" or homesick - hopefully just wanting to feast upon the word. Did you see David Archeleta in the MTC choir led by a Elder Olson's upper classman at good ol' PHS, Brother Doug Brenchley? We missed being at the MTC with an American Idol hopeful by a couple weeks!
It's spring here! The flowers are blooming, the leaves are coming out, and the blossoms on the trees are beautiful. We love it!
The tulips are blooming!

015  Tulips in Hull!

Forsynthia - Springtime in England!
008 Forsynthia

Spring Flower

014 Spring Flower

012 Spring flower

Toni and Sariah at FHE.

002 Toni and Sariah

This is Vanessa, Alex and Sandy at FHE. Most of the YSAs are on Easter break.

001 FHE - Vanessa, Alex and Sandy

Inlet to the North Sea

004  Inlet to the North Sea

Typical Cemetary - Every old church has a cemetery, and they are in the front or back yard, or sometimes important people were buried inside the church under the floor.

006 Typical cemetery

007 Cemetery

Elder Olson in our back yard.

010 Back yard

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