Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hidden Cemetery

Unknown to us until about a week ago we are living very close to an overgrown cemetery. We go for a walk every monring and this is what we found! Someone planted a tree by their loved one's grave and nearly two hundred years later this is what happened. We throught Garland and Dixie would be interested.

Sometimes, we think someone who wasn't very rich just found a rock for a headstone. Whatever works!

Overgrown cemeteries must great places for the homeless to make a home. We were actually a little nervous when we heard rustling in the bushes - it was just someone brushing off his pack after spending the night in the cemetery. It's actually like walking through a forest except for the occasional headstone.

While we're on cemeteries, we visited the church and cemetery where some of my mother's family probably went to church and were buried. This is the All Saints Church at Arksey and the headstone is of Thomas Jenkins. He would be a cousin about four times removed.

We attended a stake YSA dance. These are pictures of the dance. It's true, no one is actually dancing and yes, these are some of the crazies we are trying to keep active. Notice that hardly anyone wore a dress, it's dark, and the music was LOUD. Hardly what we expected!

But for all that we love those YSAs already!! We are making our presence known here! We've had some tender mercies given to us to help us be encouraged, and we are getting positive feedback. We had between 15-20 people at FHE on Monday night. Elder Olson taught the lesson on temples. We are happy and doing well.

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  1. It makes me wonder if you feel anything besides scared as you walk around there? Do you feel like you've 'come home'? Or that it is familiar to something inside of you? Linda


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