Monday, April 9, 2012

Teaching English

We are teaching English to Suki and Sunny. The two little ones come along, and of course they like us. We give them each a sweet (candy) or biscuit (cookie) when they get ready to go home!! We took them on the Easter walk with the Relief Society on Friday. We walked along the Humber River and had a picnic and ended with an Easter egg hunt. They loved it! Both families have been here for 4-6 years and haven’t learned much English or been out of their flats much. We haven’t seen a husband as yet, but we know they work at a Chinese Restaurant.

We had a Chinese “party” at our flat –we ate Chinese food, the missionaries taught a lesson, most played a game, and then the elders showed a church video. Three investigators were there. Two investigators are YSAs. They also came to church on Sunday!! Wahoo!

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  1. Hi Brother and Sister Olson!
    Enjoying reading your experiences. I know where you learned the "when you get ready to go home" treats! Sure miss Grandma Velda.


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