Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Elder Olson

We are getting a vision of why we are here in England in the Hull Stake. We met with President Fewster, counselor in the stake presidency over the YSAs, on Sunday. We talked at length about the church here in this area and the young adults we are working with. As I have said before, we are working hard to get a YSA center. In order to do that, we need about 50-75 young adults attending church and activities regularly. We have between 25-45 right now. He told us a lot of interesting things, but he did assure us that we were prayed here. He and others felt that they needed someone who had grown up in the church and knew how things were organized. We are excited to be part of his vision and hope to be able to make some major progress.

Yesterday we met with two young Chinese mothers, one member and one non-member, to help them with their English. Suki has been a member for 2-3 years and still has a hard time understanding the gospel. Sunny is a non-member and speaks a little better. We are teaching English in England! We also had FHE at our flat for the first time. Sadly, there weren’t many YSAs here – five - but most are on Easter break and have gone home. We think it is a start though. The kids that came loved it and we think the word will spread. We played Baptism – the game where you dump a thimble full of water on someone’s head if they get the correct answer. At any rate, we sometimes feel guilty that we are having so much fun!

We wonder how these young adults can withstand all of the temptations here, but some do and they have tremendous testimonies. Help us pray for the work to progress here in England.

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