Thursday, March 22, 2012

Slowly starting the Lord's work

It seems that we have done little here, but we have managed to get the Internet in our flat and set up the router. We are still trying to figure out how to set the printer to wi-fi. We washed our clothes in a little launderette close to the university. It felt dirty and very public, but we did it anyway, as it was either that or wash clothes in the bathtub. Since then, however, Elder Olson has figured out how to get a part and fix our own new washing machine. We will have to figure a way to dry them, but we will probably hang them inside the flat and only wash small loads.
We have been walking every day. Elder Olson got his hair cut on Tuesday and approached the hair dresser about the church. Turns out she knew quite a bit about the church already. There is still time. We are meeting with a member of the Stake Presidency on Sunday, so he can tell us what we need tp do to get a Youth Centre. It seems that he is very intent on reaching out to the Chinese. We will probably start having family home evenings here at our flat in another week. That's a start.
Yesterday was transfer day, and we don't know about all the goings on, but we will know very soon. I went to the ward Relief Society birthday party last night. They had food and birthday traditions from around the world. This ward is very diverse. Some of the countries represented were Australia, Jamaica, China, Mexico, Russia, Denmark, South Africa, India. I was surprised. We had food from all of these countries plus England.
We are so very sorry about the death of Mike Jeppsen, Carol Jean's husband. We wish we could give hugs, but alas, we cannot. We know that our family will do so in our absence. Thank you all for your support. We feel a great urgency for the work here.

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