Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hull agrees with the Olson's

We have been in Kingston upon Hull for six days now. Our biggest problem is finding our way around, but since we got the TomTom (Satnav), we are doing much better. We have nightmares about driving on the "right" side of the road and hitting someone head on. We drove to Leeds last night, about (160 miles) and couldn't sleep when we got home because of the stress of it. The Lord must be watching over us, because we are still alive after that trip. Elder Olson has managed to have two suits and a couple of shirts cleaned. We don't have a washing machine yet and will have to navigate that on Monday if we don't get the washing machine fixed by then. We have also visited the grocery store and a few other stores to get set up. We have met with the YSAs (Young Single Adults) a couple of times and plan to do much more in the coming week. Yesterday we sent the Martins home, so we are on our own. They live close to London, so we can still call them. We have also met several of the young missionaries serving in the area. We hope to carry on the work the Martins started by establishing a Youth Centre. They are being established all over Europe to help YSAs stay active in the church. The church is doing this to save this age group.
The pictures are of the park in front of our flat and some of the inside of the flat, our front door us with the Martins.

Living Room

Dining Room

{Editor's note:  Tomorrow, March 18th is "Mum's Day" and next weekend is Day Light Savings.  So in my time zone, they are currently 6 hours ahead, next week it will be 7}

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