Saturday, January 19, 2013

the work is quickening

Chinese Group

Big News!! We are starting a Chinese group in our home in the afternoons on Sundays. Groups are part of a ward and we will be operating under the Hull First Ward. Elder Olson is the Group Leader and Shawn Gu is the Assistant Group Leader. We had 30 in attendance on January 6, 2013, our first meeting. There were 18 Chinese in attendance, eight of these were non-members. It was a very spiritual meeting. Elders Taylor and Griffeth's have worked hard to get all these people to come to the meeting. Although most of the Chinese speak English, the gospel needs to be taught in one's own language for full understanding! 

YSA's.  More pictures and the finished puzzle!

District Lunch at Gyros‏
The zone leaders found a great place for take-out. Cheap and lots of food. Athenas Gyros. Here are a few pictures.

Newest baptism covert‏
David Ward is definitely a keeper. He knew the church was true immediately and was baptized. We love him and he is talented! We need more like him, because he is committed! Then the YSAs came over to ours for a party after the baptism. They finished the puzzle we started a week earlier, and it was a HARD puzzle.

On P-Day we went to Whitby, a story book village by the North Sea. We loved just walking around taking in this romantic little town

Many of the cottages are named. We found one called "The Stocks" and decided we needed a picture. There was a lady that recognized our badges (from Salt Lake City) and offered to take our picture.

We hate transfers and we love transfers. Elder Cumming, Pinada and Sister Snow left us. It's hard to say good-bye 

Jason's baptism‏
Our Chinese friend, Jason, was baptized. He asked Elder Olson to baptize him and I spoke at the baptism. We need him!

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