Wednesday, June 27, 2012

more adventures

We have been trying to help a YSA by painting his new flat for most of three days last week. Here we are hard at work. Oh wait. We went home and changed out clothes before we started working hard. Really!

We have decided that we would make a levi "throw" as a wedding present for the YSAs who are getting married. The plan is to have the YSAs help tie the quilt. They don't have quilting frames here, so Sister Olson learned, from the RS sisters, how to put a quilt together without using frames. We scrounged around and found several pairs of jeans (one pair was on the ground in some leaves, bushes, etc.), washed them, cut them up, sewed them together and now we need to finish it by tying it. We used yarn, fabric for the back, and sewing machine from the ward, so the project has been virtually free for us, except for the time involved.

The roses are in bloom in the park by our house and today it was quite warm. Some of these roses are literally 5-6 inches in diameter. They are huge!

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