Thursday, June 14, 2012

more mission reports

This is what is UNDER the chapel. Probably someone is buried here. Doesn't it remind you of a movie somewhere?

We had some hot chocolate at Hutton le Hole and then started across the Yorkshire Moors.

This is Whitby at the Abbey Ruins. This is a story about a couple, born the same day, died the same day and had 12 children. Every village and city has a church with tons of history.

At last we are at Scarborough and fish and chips. One of the Bronte sisters is buried in this city, but we had no more battery left on the camera! Margaret Iverson served much of her mission here. It is right on the North Sea and I'll bet it really gets cold in the winter.

We have another young single adult baptism! Cynthia has been coming to FHE and was baptized on Saturday. Sister Olson was asked to play the piano for the meeting. Cynthia and her mother were baptized and we hope that Claire, a sister, will join the ranks.

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