Friday, October 19, 2012

It's Autumn Time‏

We've seen big square bales of hay, just like home.  Only these are straw bales.  What was green earlier in the year was wheat and has now been harvested, and the fields plowed and re-planted.

This is typical of the English country side.  It is always beautiful!.  Often when we are in the country, there will be a roadside stand with vegetables, flowers, produce, eggs, etc.  Customers are trusted to take the food, etc., and drop the money owed into a box or bottle sitting near by.

Here are some crazy YSAs at Cythnia's birthday party!

These are some of our favorite missionaries either getting transferred or going home.

 {picture to come}

More missionaries‏

It's Autumn time and everything is still beautiful as the leaves and the land changes color.


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