Friday, August 3, 2012

Word from England (but not about the Olympics!)

We have been teaching English to Suki and her son, William. Last week we took them both to the beach. William played in the sand, Suki tried to fly our kite (there was no wind), we ate lunch, and I sat and watched. They loved it. In Hong Kong, they go to the beach every day, but here they haven't been for years.

We had a young single adult wedding. The Hull First Ward practically did everything: the food, decorating, cake, ceremony, pictures. This is Jamie and Tammy.

Not everyone wanted to participate in the entire wedding.

We gave an English lesson today William showed up with a tie and missionary badge with a book about going to the beach and making sand castles in the sand.

The English lessonwas about taking care of your car, so since Suki is trying to get a drivers license, we showed her how to put petrol in the car and pay for it.

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